Dreamer’s Trick

Have you ever had a dream
In which somehow you knew
That you were in a dream
With reality askew.
You look around and wonder,
Asleep and yet awake,
The spell your mind is under,
Your consciousness at stake.
A hope, a tiny glimmer
Sparks inside your soul,
Waking life grows dimmer
Down a rabbit hole.
Suddenly the world is bright
With possibility,
You spread your wings and take to flight
Exuberant with glee.
Alas! Such dreams are gone too soon,
They pop with just a shake;
The trick to riding life’s balloon
Is to dream while you’re awake.

6 thoughts on “Dreamer’s Trick

    1. I just pinched myself. I’m so happy you enjoyed it!

  1. So spot on. I love the land between when I’m not quite sure whether I am asleep or awake.x

    1. It is indeed a beautiful place to be. 🙂

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