Ghost Story

A deadly hush
Crept in the cold,
A shadow lurked
As midnight tolled.
My beating heart
Once tame grew wild
As near me ‘pproached
A ghostly child.
A dream, a hiccup
Of the mind,
A pinch and surely
I would find
Me in a room
Upon my bed,
No ghostly visions
In my head.
But though I tried
Both arms and ears,
There was no waking
From my fears.

Not Frosty as
The story goes,
With coal-black eyes
And button nose,
But some ethereal
A demon in
An angel cake.
Her eyes were diamonds
Cut from tears,
Not made for rings
But deadly spears.
Her lips, they moved
As if to speak,
But what came out?
A hideous shriek.
Another step,
I could not think,
My mind was numb
My heart did sink.
“So,” she whispered,
“You have arrived.
For many years
I’ve been deprived
The sweet revenge that
I have sought,
It shall begin
Now you’ve been caught.”
And with a look
Of pure disdain,
She wrapped me up
In ball and chain.

Thus cocooned
From head to toe,
I had to know,
“What have I done
Along my way
To make you as
You are today?
What heinous crime
Did I commit
To have you now
Throw such a fit?”

She grinned an awful,
Gruesome smile,
“You’ll find I’m
Very versatile,
Perhaps not you,
But in your blood,
There’s evil fiercer
Than a flood.
Your innocence is
Only feigned,
I know your soul’s
Forever stained.”

My eyes went round
In disbelief,
“How have I added
To your grief?
Look for the ghost
Then from my past
For surely I
Have been miscast,
A single fly I did
Not hurt
To reap this as
My just dessert.”
But even as
I said this speech
I knew there was
No warmth to reach,
Only the flames
Of bitter rage
Would burn within
My metal cage.


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