Ode to My Stuffed Teddy Bear

Some people think at twenty-one
That I am much too old,
To have a teddy bear that I
Still like to hug and hold.
He wears a little bowtie
Though he doesn’t have a neck,
And his paws are quite well padded
With plastic pellets from Quebec.
Cotton-white and just as soft,
It has often made me think,
Is it possible to wash him
Or would it make him shrink?
He doesn’t know the future
And he can’t do any tricks,
But he never has to worry
About getting any ticks.
When I talk he listens,
He never interferes,
And when I cry he’s always there
To soak up all my tears.
I love my teddy bear, it’s true,
I’m not ashamed to say,
That when I hug his fuzzy self
My worries melt away.

Can I be your teddy bear?
Can I be your teddy bear?

6 thoughts on “Ode to My Stuffed Teddy Bear

  1. Couldn’t resist an Ode to a teddybear! (And I was not disappointed) 😀

    1. Phew! It would have made me sad if I had disappointed you! My teddy bear is happy you liked the poem about him. 🙂

      1. I’d have been devastated if I had made you sad! Phew – teddy is happy! 🙂

  2. I’m making this comment here although it’s not just about this poem. I’m reading through as I get the chance and you’re one smart kitty. So clever with the words and riddles and imagery. If I knew what catnip was I’d get you some.x

    1. No more, no less than other kitties that happen to have opposable paws. Catnip is like marijuana for cats…I think…I’ve never actually tried marijuana.

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