Ugly is an ugly word
And one that never should be heard
‘Cuz even scars that never heal
Can show a dignified appeal.
We’re quick to judge so brazenly
With eyes that never truly see
The soul of every living thing
That’s part of an exquisite string
Which ties our hearts and every bough
In nature’s quilt and even now,
Not yours or mine, nor hers or his,
Everything just simply is.

3 thoughts on “Ugly

  1. A lovely sentiment, artfully expressed. Wonderful.

  2. You are so right! Beauty and ugliness are both superficial and transient, and we should never judge. Life itself is a beautiful thing…and the soul is to be judged only by God.

    1. Most things ugly are seen as evil or bad in some way, like witches and villains, and so the word “ugly” has moral connotations that people are usually not aware of. There is no need for the word ugly. Other words such as unsightly, unappealing, and visually unpalatable should suffice in my opinion. However, we are a species that loves to dichotomize, and where there is a need to label things as beautiful, ugliness will follow.

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