The Atheist and the Priest

Said the atheist to the priest:
How is it that you can believe
The lies meant only to deceive?
An ark with mammals two by two?
Does that make any sense to you?
A god that loves us one and all
But leaves us free to trip and fall
And bars the gates to paradise
To those without the purchase price
Of faith too blind it will not ask
For more than but an empty mask,
For more than bread and crappy wine
But certainty of the divine.
If God is pure, why does he rage
Against the ones he should engage?
For surely if he really cared
Then every soul he would have spared.

Said the priest to the atheist:
My son, I see you are confused,
Your anger, I will have defused.
So let me ask you tit for tat,
How can you prove and not fall flat
That no such being as god exists?
That our whole world only consists
Of bits and pieces here and there,
An accident without a care?
There’s proof of love to such degree,
So many miracles to see.
His reasons we may never know,
His plans for us he may not show,
But everything upon this earth,
He knows their value and their worth.
The certainty of which you seek
Is in the fact we’re all unique.

14 thoughts on “The Atheist and the Priest

  1. if i might be so bold as to comment, it felt more like the atheist was saying that God was of a different nature not that he didn’t exist. to me anyway it felt he was asking for proof that god loves or cares. hope i don’t offend with my comment.

    1. I’m not an atheist, so none taken. šŸ™‚ Yes, he was questioning the nature of God and His existence at the same time in that he believes them to be inextricably linked. The last thing I want is for people to be afraid that they will offend me with their comments! Even if you tell me you hate my writing, I will say, Thank you for reading!

      1. i’m glad i didn’t offend. What i meant was i felt the response was about god existing and didn’t touch on god’s nature. that’s my opinion thou, prob because i was interested to read the response šŸ™‚ i don’t think i could ever hate your writing, possibly disagree with you ideas perhaps.

        1. Yeah, you’re absolutely right about the response. The priest wasn’t trying to touch on God’s nature so much as trying to get the atheist to apply his own arguments to himself. The whole poem would have gotten waaay too messy if I had tried to have the priest try to convince the atheist on the nature of God. Atheists take pride in their logic and reasoning, so that’s where you have to start.

          1. i think i have gotten a little bit lost. i agree it could have gotten a little to complicated šŸ™‚ i would argue that everyone takes pride in their reasoning and logic, whether belief in god or science.

            1. What you say is indubitably true that everyone takes pride in their logic and reasoning. The pride that atheists have in their sound logic is the only real armor I believe they have against God. At least, this has been my experience, which is why I chose to tackle it from this angle. No offence to any atheists reading this.

              1. I can not argue with your experience but simply say that my experience tells me people are all so very, wonderfully different that i’m sure each one has a different reason for or against a belief in God. I don’t think anyone can take offence at what you believe šŸ™‚

                1. I love your comment. Yes, people are so wonderfully different and unique. I am left constantly in awe and appreciation for all life and for the depth of human experience.

  2. Excellent poem. I found myself relating to both atheist and priest but more on the atheist side.

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I may rework the priest’s argument a little more to see if I can make it a little stronger.

      1. That would be good. Then others will see the strong points of both the atheist and priest.

  3. I was never an atheist, but my concept of God has gone through changes, from blind acceptance as a child, to believing that God gave us life and then just let us go like a wind-up toy, to believing He was the cause of my woes when things went wrong, and now that, yes, we ARE His children, and too small to fathom His plan.

    1. I think it is healthy for people to question their faith as it can lead to a greater understanding and acceptance of it. Everyone has different journeys that may lead to different destinations, but everything is somehow connected in a much greater story.

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