Beauty’s Shadow

There was a truly dazzling girl,
And Beauty was her name.
Her face was like a work of art,
Or so some did exclaim.

Men stumbled when they saw her;
Their tongues were often tied.
Her shadow barely visible,
Her sister at her side.

Twins but not identical,
Clear from the very start,
Though never seen together,
They never were apart.

The sister in the shadows
Whose fate was not so kind,
Her form was unremarkable
Unlike her clever mind.

Her skin was pale and ashen,
There was no pretty glow;
The strength she had inside,
Outside it did not show.

There was sweetness in her smile
That most would never see,
And sadness in her eyes
At Beauty’s mystery.


2 thoughts on “Beauty’s Shadow

  1. I love this poem; it’s mysterious and makes me imagine and think.
    What inspired this poem?

    1. Thinking about how easy it is to overlook someone’s inner beauty when people tend to concentrate more on the packaging. I’m happy you liked it. šŸ™‚

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