Riddle #1

Jigsaw puzzles of the earth,
I drift all o’er the globe,
Atop a rocky mantle,
I structurally enrobe.

Inch by inch and year by year,
A caterpillar’s crawl,
I serve a feast before you
Upon a crusty shawl.

What am I?

Link to answer: http://tinyurl.com/krr8ax4

6 thoughts on “Riddle #1

    1. Sorry, I am a novice at making riddles, but that’s a good guess. I won’t post the answer for people who’d rather not know, but here’s a link to it: http://tinyurl.com/krr8ax4. It’s not exactly a common term and not a very well-constructed riddle, so don’t feel bad for not knowing the answer. 🙂

      1. ohhhh …i never would’ve guessed that lol

  1. I had to cheat for that one. Good one.
    And I should have started at number one in the first place. I’m getting the picture here not to answer as it’s then a spoiler. My bad.:(x

    1. No worries. By the time people look at the comments, they’ve already looked at the answer, have an answer, or are looking for clues.

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