The Dream – Part I

These words are worth hearing,
No, don’t run away,
I’m glad that you came,
So please, won’t you stay.
The chair’s over here,
I’ll get coffee and cream,
So sit, let me tell you
About my strange dream.

I dreamt that the sky,
Once blue, was now green,
That bears stood in line
For a washing machine.
The sheep went on strike,
Refusing to jump,
“Slave labor!” they brayed,
Their wool in a grump.
The trees had no roots
But had tiger shark fins,
And their branches grew
Vests that played violins.

So I asked an old man
Passing by on a mule,
“Sir, what is this place?”
The ass said, “Ee-yore a fool!”
And then trotted off
With tail pinned to the sun…
Don’t look at your watch,
The dream is not done!

But I guess it’s okay,
You go to sleep around ten,
So I’ll wait patiently,
And we’ll continue this then.

4 thoughts on “The Dream – Part I

  1. Actually I usually fall asleep around four in the morning, so if you’ve got another coffee I’m all ears.

    1. Haha, I don’t know if it works that way. You’re supposed to be drinking the coffee in the dream, not before it. 😉

  2. That is such a great poem! I look forward to reading your poems.

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