Riddle #7

I can be short but
Also too long;
I can reply if you’re
Scared you’re wrong.
Sometimes a treatment,
But not very nice,
I really can’t help
To break any ice.

What am I?

Hint 1: I am debatably audible.
Hint 2: “To break any ice” is in the figurative sense of “to break the ice”.
Hint 3: My “treatment” usually occurs after a spat.

Link to answer: http://tinyurl.com/w33zs

9 thoughts on “Riddle #7

  1. I was going to say ‘a tongue’…but I was barking up the wrong tree.

    1. Haha, very punny. I’ll have to rework my riddles so there is less overlap with other viable answers. Woof!

  2. i was very wrong 😦

    1. There are no wrong answers…just bad riddles. Everything makes so much more sense when you begin with the answer and go backwards. I appreciate you letting me know because it will help me make better riddles. I’ll stick in another hint for now.

      1. i was thinking frequency waves, like sound waves and thought x rays was the not nice treatment (well i don’t like them, yet i’m sure there are worse)

        1. Ah, see, my mind is too simple to think of those things. 😦

          1. well it doesn’t work with the ‘reply if your scared you’re wrong line.’ so don’t get to upset plus im really bad at riddles

  3. I had to cheat for this one.:(x

    1. That was a bad riddle. Hence so many clues. I was too lazy to rewrite it.

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