The Dream – Part II

Hello, welcome back,
What took you so long?
I thought I said ten;
I guess I was wrong.
Well, settle in quickly,
Your cup is still here,
I think when you left
An ass disappeared.

The sky was still green,
The grass was off-white,
A tail in the sun
Gave just enough light.

My question unanswered,
I sat on a rock,
And as I sat thinking,
It made a loud squawk.
I jumped in the air,
The rock did so too,
And as I watched stunned,
It actually flew.
It skimmed past a pig
Who looked up and cried,
“I thought I was the one
Supposed to have flied!”
Another loud squawk,
A pebble dropped down
Right on the pig’s head
And made a small crown.

I walked to a stream
That had fish fishing fowl
Using socks as their bait,
All dressed in a cowl.
They nodded their hoods
As they met my eye,
The one with the beak
Was a little bit shy…

What an odd look…
What is that strange beep?
Fine, I’ll let you go;
I guess dream talk is cheap.

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