Ripple of Poe

A dream is a dream, at least it can seem,
    Except I am awake.
The sand is not real, but somehow I feel
    How restless is the lake.
I try to hold on, but it has long gone,
    The bird inside my soul.
I hear no reply, in anguish I cry;
    The truth the waves have stole.

8 thoughts on “Ripple of Poe

  1. Very moved by this one!

    1. That’s because I was able to borrow from Poe’s greatness to turn his masterpiece into a tiny little ripple. But I’m glad the ripple licked your feet a little. 🙂

      1. Having my toes tickled once a day is a MUST!

        1. Haha I hate being tickled since I am ridiculously ticklish. You can just look at me with the intent to tickle and I will start laughing. It pisses me off.

          1. Well my intent will never to tickle you….only to give you some good scratching behind the ears!

  2. Never More! (At least I didn’t say anything about ripples in a po.)

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