Mr. Potato Head

The poor Mr. Potato Head
Is tortured every day.
He’s amputated back and forth
In what they term as “play”.
Appendages go in and out,
They even take his hat.
And crueler yet, if so inclined,
They’ll take him up to bat.
His black mustache and big red nose
Are plucked with joyful glee.
What brought about this punishment
Is mystery to me.
But one thing that they never do,
They never peel his skin,
And though he may not look like much
He’ll always have his chin.

24 thoughts on “Mr. Potato Head

  1. He deserves it. What he does when he’s left alone with those carrots is a criminal offence.

    1. You lurk in the most unexpected places to be able to witness something like that.

      1. Well, I had a Mr Potato Head when I was a kid and it woke me up one night rummaging about in the vegetable drawer of the fridge.

        1. Well, he is a vegetable after all (botanically speaking), and maybe he just wanted to cool his head. I would give him the benefit of the doubt on that one.

  2. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Just can’t stop smiling!

    1. Mission accomplished! 😀

  3. hahaha, Love it! So cleverly written! And so true! 😉 Good observations of Mr P!

    1. Hehe, glad you liked it. 🙂

      1. 🙂

  4. t h i n g s + f l e s h June 17, 2013 — 2:30 pm

    what a playful, imaginative, lovely thing this is … tony

    1. Aw, thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  5. Like the playful tone of this poem, really made me smile

    1. That’s all I wanted…to make people smile. 🙂

      1. 🙂 sweet success then 🙂

  6. Ah, Mr. Potatohead! I lost my faith when God refused to repair one of his lips when I was a child. It would have been so easy, but, no!

    1. But if He repaired the lips of your Mr. Potato Head, He would have to repair the lips of everybody’s Mr. Potato Head.

  7. We have two of them all armless ;-p

    1. Sounds like you have a Mr. Potato Head arm stealer on the loose over there.

  8. Lovely…shades of John Barleycorn! Loved it an loling as they say here in Italian…believe it or not they add the “ing” and say: I’m loling!

    1. See, to me that makes perfect sense. I think verbifying words is very practical and should be done when practical to do so.

      1. amen…and I love neologisms, English is so suited for playing around like this…and i prefer loling to alot of letters placed in a row.

  9. Oh, what fun this is! We have a Mr. Potato Head who has long lost virtually all of his appendages, but my son cannot bear to throw him away…

    1. Lol glad you liked this! Just don’t turn him into a potato salad and I think it’s all good! 🙂

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