Picture and title courtesy of Jo.

It ruffles its feathers,
Yet still unaware
Of the curious eyes,
How intently they stare.

A twinkle of ruffling
Thus keenly observed,
This moment is captured
And fondly preserved.

4 thoughts on “Birdy

  1. My apologies to the 8 people who liked the original post. I was playing around and didn’t mean to actually publish it yet but accidentally hit the button. I was debating leaving it that way, but that version really annoyed me so I changed it back to its unadulterated form.

  2. Perfect poem for me as i listen to the birds outside 🙂

    1. Birds are definitely nicer to listen to than the noise of construction and traffic outside my window. 🙂

      1. aw no that’s so sad 😦 hate the sound of traffic!!

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