Kite Cycle

Where the wind blows
A kite will soar
Along a string,
Stuffed in your drawer,
Among your socks,
Back on its feet,
Then rush on out,
The wind to greet.

15 thoughts on “Kite Cycle

  1. In hindsight, a sock drawer is probably not the best place to put your kite. Let’s just say this was a closet-sized sock drawer.

    1. I need one of those!

      1. Which makes me believe you have a few too many socks…

        1. Well let’s just say we have a sock clothes basket and it’s a big plastic one filled to the top. Now I have to add I live with my son’s whom own some of those too.

          1. Wow, all you need is a snake charmer and you’re all set.

  2. It might have been a very small kite…or a sock drawer belonging to a person with huge feet.

    1. I wasn’t specifically talking about your sock drawer.

  3. i actually have a very tiny kite that would easily fit in my sock drawer– so clearly you were just thinking about that kite– which you accessed through your secret passageway from your secret portal to mine, right?

    1. Lol yes, that is exactly what must have happened subconsciously because it seemed to make perfect sense in my head at the time I wrote it. 😀

      1. 😉 i love the hour at which we’re discussing this as well– so perfectly apropos.

  4. It might be a sock drawer full of kite shaped odd socks, now I want me one of those! 🙂

    1. Don’t know if that would fly Jo…

      1. I know mine wouldn’t 🙂

  5. I think the sock drawer is the most appropriate place for this particular kite. Both drawers and kites come in many sizes. So either it is flying free and fearlessly in the uncontrollable air, or it is resting among material objects that are forever trapped between skin and shoe, and always headed straight for the ground.

    1. I like the way you express your thoughts. Very well said! 🙂

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