Spinning Dreams

A caterpillar doesn’t know
That one day it will be
A soaring creature in the sky,
There’s no way it could see.
But still it dreams and wonders
At the tug within its soul,
And wishes firmly to believe
The sky can be its goal.
And so it starts to spin its dream
In silken fiber strands,
Spinning colors day and night,
And daily it expands
The life and world that it once knew
It steadily transforms
Through stubborn work, and though it is
Not magic it performs,
It somehow is still magical
The day it finally sees,
The wings that it has made itself
To fly among the trees.

21 thoughts on “Spinning Dreams

  1. Caterpillars are weird things. They don’t just grow wings in their pupa state, they actually break down every cell in their bodies until they’re just a gooey sludge. Then they rebuild themselves completely into a butterfly. In effect, they’re two completely different animals. Can’t help wondering what that must feel like.

    1. Like melting in the heat of summer until you’re just a puddle, feeling like you will evaporate completely if something doesn’t change, and then the sheer will to survive transforms you into something else.

      1. That I can relate to, although in my case I just end up back as a caterpillar again…only fatter.

        1. Maybe you have teeny tiny wings that you can’t see because of the fatness.

          1. Like a cross between a cherub and a bee.

            1. What an angelic picture…no, beatific picture…

    2. I wonder, what if one decided to be a bird, instead? Could it? Or is the sludge butterfly specific?

      1. I think the sludge is specific to the butterfly. You there Brian? Can you verify this for us?

        1. am the sludge of a butterfly
          but am not sure
          which sludge am i?
          does sludge have
          an identity
          or is it just
          what’s meant to be

  2. i love the creative way you look at the world 🙂

    1. I was probably dropped a couple times on the head as a baby. 😉

      1. well then you should thank your parents coz you have great talent 🙂

        1. It is always easier to see other people’s talents versus your own. You should use some of that generosity on yourself once in awhile as you are deserving of it. 🙂

          1. I completely agree. It’s far easier to see others who are talented (nice deflect of a complement btw 😛 )

            1. Doh! You called me on that one. *fluffs fur*

              1. 🙂 I noticed it as it’s one i use a lot

  3. Buzz buzz…bees are jealous! Love this!

    1. After reading your poem, I want to say…buzzinga buzzunga 🙂

  4. Beautiful poem but I’m kind of stuck now on an image of Brian as a puddle of sludge before transforming into cherub. I would pay to see that. Not the sludge. The cherub. With teeny tiny wings.
    Still, a fab poem.x

    1. I think many people would pay to see that. A cherub with Brian’s face would be priceless.

      1. I would buy several copies and sell them to unbelievers.x

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