How It Began

Nobody knows
My story well,
But just this time
For you I’ll tell
How it began
An age ago
When I was lost
Deep in the snow.
She found me
Lying there and said,
“Arise, you’re not
Amongst the dead,”
And took me to
Her paradise,
A castle made
Of liquid ice.
While I was there,
My painful past
Was whitened out,
My soul recast;
The life I had
Before my sprawl,
No longer one
I could recall.
I served her as
A servant would
Their savior, one
Who understood,
She was my world,
An absolute,
And I, a simple
Mindless brute.

Before she came
I could not see
How beautiful
The cold could be.
The only queen
I’d ever know;
She was the Queen
Of ice and snow.

11 thoughts on “How It Began

  1. I think in a previous incarnation I was a penguin.

    1. Penguins have a tough life…just sitting there for eternity waiting for an egg to hatch…doesn’t sound like fun to me.

  2. Wow again! That was very brilliant!

    1. Those pills you found lying on the ground might change that overly inflated opinion you have of my work. 😉

      1. Ut oh! I have been discovered! Over inflated yes indeed! You been peeking in my windows?

        1. *peeks in window* You’re blowing balloons for a party and I’m not invited? 😦

          1. Those aren’t balloons! hee hee hee!

  3. I like reading your poetry, you’re inspiring me to get into writing poems again. Great job! 🙂

    1. That makes me very happy! I look forward to reading your poems whenever you are ready to share them. 🙂

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