I miss you so much,
So much that it hurts,
The way that you spilled
On all of your shirts.
You sang all day long
But never in tune;
You stayed up all night
And woke up at noon.
I still hear your voice
And call out your name
Whenever I watch
A TV show game,
But you’re never there
When I turn my head;
I’m shocked and recall
That you have now fled
And gone to a place
I wish I could see,
But still I can feel
Your spirit with me.
Wherever I go,
I feel something there,
A whisper of you
Infusing the air;
A world without you,
Is there such a thing?
Inside of my soul
I still hear you sing.

24 thoughts on “Still

  1. inbetweenthemadness June 22, 2013 — 6:22 am


  2. Wow, this was very melancholic, gentle, loving and sad to read, about all the simple things that we miss and remember.

    1. I was sad for a few hours after writing it and just now crawled out of bed hehe. I appreciate the time you took to comment with such generous words. Thank you.

  3. xxxxxxx is all I have to say, lovely and made me feel sad which is a good thing x

    1. Hope I didn’t make you as sad as I made myself. Sigh. And it wasn’t supposed to be so sad. Bugger. 🙂

  4. Very nice and gentle words with a lot of meaning

  5. It’s exactly how i felt in my heart…
    it’s beautiful and delicate.

    1. I’m glad my words were able to reach you. Thank you for such a kind comment.

  6. Where ya been all weekend??

      1. Gosh cat flue must suck! get better! I missed u!

    1. I wish someone would knock me out cold.

      1. KAAAA BOOOOOMM you are knocked out cold!

  7. Cubby,

    Another beautifully written poem. It so reminds me about how I think of my son who is dead now. But, I feel his spirit still around me after 4.5 years after his death. I could not have gotten through surviving his death if were not for the help of God and feeling my son still around me.

    Sometimes I’ve felt his arms around me as I cry and I still do. I’ve heard him whisper in my ear that things are all right where he is. A mother never gets over the death of her child, but we go on because there is nothing else we can really do. I did not want to go on during the first year. How could I bear such pain I wondered. But, I bore it and am still here.

    1. I cannot imagine the pain of a mother whose child has passed away, but it reminds me of my grandmother who, when she lost her daughter to breast cancer, declined so rapidly physically and mentally. She was like an empty husk of her former self. It was so sad and painful to see.

      As difficult as it may be, I believe it is true that the memories of our loved ones are best cherished in rejoicing the life that they led than mourning the way that they died. I don’t think they would want it any other way.

      1. Cubby,

        I would never wish the death of a child on my worst enemy. It’s too painful and one cannot imagine that pain unless having gone through it. I have such sympathy for your grand mother who never actually recovered. I can imagine her pain. And it is sad and painful to watch a mother become an empty husk.

        I agree with you about our loved ones who die. I’ve already had my son come to me in a dream and tell me it’s all right that he died. That gave me so much courage and strength to get through the pain of it. So I think you are right. Our loved ones don’t want us to see us keep suffering. I know my son is in a better place and in the arms of God who now takes care of him. We were given our children by God but we don’t have the choice when He will take them back. We can endure great suffering, but therein lies the lessons.

        1. The greater the joys in our lives, the greater the potential for great suffering; to have one, we must accept the other. It sounds like you have gained a world of wisdom and fortitude from your experiences. I hope any future lessons that come your way will be kinder and gentler than the ones you’ve had in the past.

          1. Cubby,

            So true about the greater we love, the greater the sorrow. Yes, I have gained a lot of wisdom over my many years. I am a senior now so I better have some wisdom by now. 🙂 Thank you. I hope the future lessons are less painful too.

  8. Exactly how I feel about ones loved and gone. They’re never really gone, just in another room where I can still hear their voice even if I don’t see their face. Beautiful, as usual, Cubby.x

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