To live, there will be pain,
A fact we can’t escape,
Although we fear its touch
In any form or shape.
We feel it when we burn
A hand upon a flame
And nurse the piercing stings
That swarm a secret shame.

Sometimes it seems too much,
The endless misery;
We wish to find a way
To end it and be free,
But what we can’t forget,
In such a desperate act,
Is pain will multiply,
Released and still intact.

Pain’s a fierce reminder
That we are still alive,
And where this fact remains,
Hope can and will survive.

13 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Although, in the case of my gallbladder, I was more than happy to get shut of it.

    1. Pain, where excisable, should be excised.

  2. Get well so my friend!

  3. Yes, this is the very thing we’ve learned. Thoughts very well presented, Cubby.

    1. Many thanks. You always understand the meaning of my words. 🙂

  4. Cubby, great poem and we all need to understand that life is a struggle. It’s not always light and happiness. Each time we have to struggle we know we are learning a lesson from God. I know, I’ve been there countless times. Your poem spoke to me.

    1. I too have struggled with many things. It is whether we can learn or not from the lessons that are being taught that makes all the difference. I don’t think we ever stop learning.

      1. Cubby,

        I emphasize with your struggles. Yes, it is a choice we make to either learn from our struggles or remain unenlightened. It is far more beneficial when we learn and keep learning from everything that happens to us. I’ve found meaning in the struggles and I can help those who are struggling with their own. And that is a blessing from coming out of a struggle.

        1. Helping others with their struggles is proof of a warm and generous heart not embittered by the past. This, I believe, was a blessing you had right from the start.

          1. Perhaps you are right that I had this blessing from the start. I’ve had plenty of heart aches in my life but I choose not to be bitter over any of them. It does no good to one’s soul, heart or health to hold bitterness to one’s chest. It simply destroys us if we allow that to happen. And thank you for one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.

  5. Hope from pain. Beautiful matrimony.x

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