Seconds Fly

I caught a second by its wings
As it was flying by.
I don’t know who was more surprised,
Me or the second-fly.
It fluttered helpless in my hands,
Unsure of what to do.
I asked it, “What are you about?
Where are you zipping too?”

It settled down, lost deep in thought,
And in the wee-est voice,
It said, “Well, really I don’t think
I have that much a choice.
I can’t live in the shadowed past,
And though I’m here right now,
I have to keep on moving through
The currents that allow
My dreams to live beyond today,
I freely let them go,
And now I’m striving to catch up
To see their lovely glow.”

I shook my head, it made no sense,
“Why let your dreams fly first?
Perhaps if you had held them tight
Your dreams could be coerced.”

The second-fly let out a laugh,
The tinniest of sounds,
“I guess you do not understand
The freedom that surrounds
The dreams that are allowed to fly;
It means they’ll always be
The things that I’ll be flying to,
Just watch and you will see.”

And so I let the second go,
So precious though it seemed,
But fly it did, so straight and true,
With wings that it had dreamed.


16 thoughts on “Seconds Fly

  1. Just one of a kind my dear! hoot hoot don’t stop the toot!

      1. no no no owls go whoo whhooo!

  2. Great poem. I really like how you personified time – really clever and creative.

    1. Hehe glad you liked it. Many thanks for your kind and generous words. πŸ™‚

  3. If you see any hours from last month flying by, don’t catch them. I’ve got a big swatter somewhere that should see them off nicely.

    1. I’d be more than happy to let you handle the big ones. I don’t think they’d be as cooperative as my little second-fly was though.

  4. simply brilliant, loved this!

    1. Glad you loved it! It’s more simple than brilliant, but I like how you put words together. πŸ˜‰

      1. “simple” brilliance is by far the best kind, maybe it should read – “honestly” brilliant ?

        1. Hmm, I think I would lose in a game of semantics with you. I will settle for “honestly glows somewhat more than dully”. πŸ˜€

          1. semantics aside (because I’m suddenly losing…) I really got a lot from this, Its exactly what you hope for in your reader feed … read it, stopped procrastinating, started writing again. Thanks x

  5. Very artistically created. Great words Actually it was a fun read

    1. I’m very happy you enjoyed reading it! πŸ™‚

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