I ate my sins,
Yes, every one,
I ate them so
That they’d be done;
I did not know
It would be wrong
To eat my sins,
I thought as long
As they were here
I’d eat them so
I’d have no fear
That they would show;
And so I ate
The sins I saw
Believing that
There’d be no flaw,
And thus I ate
Quite hastily
The sins I felt
Would soon eat me;
But now it seems
I cannot hide
And that my sins
Now dwell inside;
The truths I tried
To cover up
Were not the crumbs
Left in my cup.


19 thoughts on “Crumbs

  1. I prefer sausage rolls myself.

      1. In my case that’d be mainly fat.

        1. Smart bear. Already storing for the winter.

          1. And the next fifty odd years.

  2. Eating sins can be quite tricky~I tend to use lots of condiments! Great poem by the way!

    1. I find ketchup works well with a lot of things…especially things that are scrambled. 🙂

  3. wow! it is sooo funny that we both wrote about ‘cups’ today!!!! I just read yours now after I posted my one! I love this by the way. But, then again, I love all your writing 😉 LOL

    1. Your cup holds so much beauty, it takes my breath away. 🙂

      1. Truly flattered I am. We have a ‘mutual admiration society’ methinks! 😉

  4. This is great! Such a blunt, yet sort of covered-up way of expressing guilts about sin.. awesome

  5. I am amongst those who demand whatever they eat to taste godly, so sins were never on my plate ) I find this poem to be very wise, I reminds me of “The Poison Tree”

    1. Sins can actually taste quite sweet; it’s their digestion that can be problematic. Many thanks for your comment. 🙂

  6. Very clever, I love it. My sins well I left them behind in a past life just over 3 yrs ago.

    1. And that’s where they belong…to a past that’s dead and gone.

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