I didn’t always look this way,
The way that I do now.
I didn’t always have these lines
Upon a furrowed brow.
I didn’t always have to say,
“What’s that? I didn’t hear.”
I didn’t always look at steps
With pangs of sudden fear.

My eyes, once clear, are clouded now
With splotches of unease.
My ears, once rich, have lost their wealth
On tolls of aging fees.
My youth, now gone, feels something like
A dream I used to know,
But what I’ve lost, I’ve gained in ken
And still have room to grow.

24 thoughts on “Reconstitution

  1. I wished I’d gained some wisdom with my dotage. The only thing I know now that’s different is that getting old is a bit crap.

    1. Your wisdom is reflected in your writing, and your pessimistic heart notwithstanding, aging can be a beautiful thing.

  2. Bravo! Nice and I relate so well. 🙂 My mom almost 80 has been going thru her photos of us when when we were younger and sending to us to keep things simple after her demise, I guess. . I am 52 now. WOW! Smiles. You know most of the time I don’t even notice BUT seeing the photos I am amazed

    1. I guess that’s why photos are so popular. I’ve never been a picture person so to speak, but as the mind begins to wander more and more, pictures seem like they’d be a good way of calling it back to itself.

      1. I am so much a pic person now BUT my mom was always putting a camera in someones face. She still does, honestly. Maybe she just needs room in the albums for the new stuff heh?

  3. I like it I hit 60 this year and feel younger than I did at 40 and 50. But then I am leading a new life. My shoulders don’t weigh heavy anymore. But one thing is for sure the bones don’t move the way they used too. A friend turned 40 and said its the new twenty, so does that mean I’m 40. I laughed

    1. I think that’s the way age calculations are trending nowadays. By the time you’re 80, you’ll be an age recalculated 60. 🙂

  4. Love it! It’s so true and worded nicely! 🙂

  5. Painful, yet beautiful too. ” But..Paint an inch thick, to this end we must all come”(Hamlet)

    1. Beautiful like a wilting flower; even when wilting, flowers still have a delicate grace, fragile beauty, and the power to move people’s hearts.

  6. I love it! It’s very well written and full of meaningful descriptions! Good Job! =D

    1. Hehe glad you liked it. 🙂

  7. i like the positive spin on aging but i don’t see how there can be much to look forward to with the aching body and loss of hearing…I think i’m a bit worried about getting old (bit silly i know)

    1. I think we all worry about getting old, but it is not something we can do much about. I think if you try to focus on the positives, you will find it a little easier. We are remarkably adaptable creatures, and our minds are our greatest asset.

      1. Sounds like good advice 🙂

  8. I truly love your poetry…I don’t feel old, inside I’m still a kid and I still don’t know what I want to be whenI grow up…really! so much to learn, so much to do at 61:) Whispering Insights

    1. I think it is very true that we are only as old as we feel. I think having a strong connection to our inner child is the secret to aging gracefully. 🙂

  9. Well, I heard that having kids kept you young so, taking their ages into consideration 24,23,20,18,15,11 and 6 and dividing by their number then subtracting that from my age ( and rounding things up) I’m 35. I can live with that. Or, is that cheating? I might even get younger as they get older. Haven’t worked that one out yet. Benjamin Button, here I come.x

    1. It can go that way mentally for some, but that is a rather unfortunate scenario. Better to age gracefully than regress. Now let’s eat that rhubarb pie.

  10. I have the ice cream ready. Do you need a spoon?x

    1. I think you ate it all without me, and then licked the plate clean! That’s the favorite part. Sigh. *waits for another rhubarb pie to fall*

      1. Not guilty. And that’s not ice cream on my lips.x

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