Stuffed Pageant

I wish there was a pageantry
For all stuffed animals,
They’d be dressed in their finest duds
Or go au naturel.
Their owners would be hovering near,
In case they get afraid,
And maybe get a fluff or two
Before the big parade.

Criteria that judges use
Would always be the same;
They wouldn’t care about the brands
Or any claims to fame;
Instead they’d look quite carefully
For signs of cherished use,
A twinkle in their button eyes
And sparkle on their shoes.

And even those with special needs
Would get a chance to shine
While owners look on happily
And say, “Oh, that one’s mine.”
A place where every animal
Is stuffed with love and joy,
A pageant showing what they are,
An animal and toy.

And at the end there’d be a prize,
Of course, there’s always one,
The nicest, grandest prize of all –
Just fun for everyone.


22 thoughts on “Stuffed Pageant

  1. That’s a very big grin of a poem! Cheer cheer cheering!!!!!

    1. I have a soft spot for them. 🙂

      1. Well I have a story for you. Real story…We have a 4 and half foot stuffed dog in our living lie I will take a pic some day and post it.

        1. Haha that’s awesome. I would love to see it. I hope people realize that the poem isn’t really about stuffed animals but that it’s a metaphorical manifestation of desire to see children’s pageantry transformed into something more innocent. I sometimes completely fail to get the point across. 😦

          1. I do realize that it was about fun and kids…but the whole poem reminded me of that damn stuffed dog in a focal point in my living room….Sometimes when I read it just sparks a memory..or a certain picture in my head. If you can tell I am rather visual. Don’t frown your poems always have meaning with a twist unique and fun 🙂 so smile!

            1. Haha, well, every dog will have their day. I can always count on you to “get” what I am trying to say. 🙂

          2. Ohhh…ok. I got it, now.
            Lol, I’m so slow=D

            1. Not at all. If even after reading the explanation you thought I was still talking about stuffed animals, I would consider that a little slow. 😉

  2. What a lovely thought.x

  3. Your poetry makes me smile

    1. And that in turn makes me smile. 🙂

  4. You want to stuff children? I know a good taxidermist.

    1. No, they’re already stuffed full of all the anatomical necessities needed for them to be functional human beings.

      1. I could send a taxidermist round anyway, to sew their mouths up. (I suggested that to some of the mothers round here, but for some reason they didn’t take too kindly to the idea.)

        1. Or you could just give them some toffee which will keep their mouths preoccupied for awhile…enough time for you to make a getaway at least.

          1. There’s no getting away from the kids round here. There’s never a pied piper around when you need one.

  5. I understood that it wasn’t really about the stuffed toys 🙂 lovely happy poem 🙂

    1. Yay for Fi! I am so lucky to have such wonderful readers. 🙂

  6. Well, that indeed would be a very morbid and disturbing metaphor for children and children’s pageants.

    1. Mothers who think that those beauty pageants for 5 years old are great, need to be sterilised.

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