Glimpses of You

It seems I lost a fragment of my soul;
It once was there but now I do not know;
I’ve climbed each tree and jumped down every hole,
But still I see nowhere that it could go.

I don’t know what it is I hope to find,
And what I’ll do if never to be found;
I could give up, just sit around, unwind,
And put my feet on cushions off the ground.

Or I could try perhaps another day,
Fingers crossed that maybe there will be
A quirk of fate allowing me some way
To manifest a furtive destiny.

4 thoughts on “Glimpses of You

  1. Have you checked in the fridge. That’s where things that I’ve lost tend to turn up.

    1. Not unless there’s cake I haven’t managed to find, but I doubt it. I’m pretty good at finding cake.

  2. I love it and the replies too. Maybe we are all still looking

    1. Yes, we are all still looking for our elusive cake. 😉

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