A sheepdog, I herd sheep back to their pens
    In sixes and fives and even in tens.
I watch with great care to not miss a beat
    Though sometimes I count not enough feet.

I gather the wool that I need to bring,
    A sheepdog no more
    I can’t help but sing,
Oh Little Boy Blue! Come out, blow your horn!
    While you were asleep,
    Your sheep, penned, were shorn.

17 thoughts on “Penned

  1. “It’s the wooooluff! It’s the WOOOLLUFF!”

    1. I guess the whole writing analogy was a miss. Fine, it’s the wooooluff! Run Lambsy, run!

  2. Are they so cold? Cats would never herd anything, that’s for sure. Nice poem:)

    1. Some things that cats herd:
      1) anything with catnip in it
      2) naps that look like they are headed towards someone else
      3) hair to distribute evenly around your home
      4) owners out of bed in the morning
      5) people with cat allergies out of your home

  3. That’s just mean to steal the wool…..steal wool brillow pads! Damn I am confused! Love the poem very unique just like you!

    1. Apparently it’s the wooluff according to Brian.

      1. Well I will take his word for it! God knows I have to! šŸ˜‰

  4. Very cool. I love it

    1. Thanks Barb. It was meant to be fun. šŸ™‚

  5. Reagan K Reynolds July 28, 2013 — 5:09 pm

    I was definitely looking for the writing analogy and got excited for the prospect of it. I think it still has potential for it, although missed in this version.

    1. Yeah, I figured it missed the mark, but I am not too concerned as it was written in a rather insouciant manner. I’m sorry to have disappointed though.

      1. Reagan K Reynolds July 29, 2013 — 4:38 am

        No! Not disappointed, every poem has its way. Just confirming your previous comment about your original intention. The poem is wonderful. Simply offering constructive feedback to follow up with your comment. I love pastoral images, consider the white chickens…

  6. Ah…I read the comments, and shouldn’t have…as I didn’t know there was a mark, I didn’t know you were off it…alas oh sigh! What can I say…I enjoyed it so much and laughed anyway…glad I didn’t know i should have been disillusioned!

    1. Yes, I am learning that it is wiser to leave things open to interpretation than clearly state intent; one is a win-win situation whereas the other is more of a “Huh? Wtf?” scenario.

      1. Yeah…know what you mean there…besides everyone more or less have some sort of expectation a mental image of what they, therefore, what you should should have written.

  7. I got it Cubby, meow! Feet, beats,,counts it was there.

    1. If you feel something furry on top of your head at night while you are sleeping, purring, well…you may have a houseguest. Or a furry, purring nightcap.

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