Wrigley’s Food Gang

I think I keep strange company,
Or maybe it keeps me.
They make it hard to move around,
There’s two…nope, now there’s three.

I lug them everywhere I go,
A motley looking crew.
I’d get one off my arm at least
To get back down to two.

I know they say that chewing gum
Can help out quite a bit,
But every time I try to chew
I have nowhere to spit.

Yes, for awhile it seems to work,
The gremlins go away,
But with a bite or two of food
They come back out to play.

I wouldn’t mind so much if they
Came at me with a crumb,
But when they chase me in a gang
I’m always chewing gum!

30 thoughts on “Wrigley’s Food Gang

  1. hmmm…when I chew gum, I don’t spit, I swallow…why I’d never chaw tabacchy.

    1. I don’t swallow because I hate the thought of growing gummy trees in my stomach. At least, that’s what I’ve been told would happen if I did.

  2. I think I must have missed something here.

    1. That’s okay, there wasn’t much to begin with.

  3. It’s always at the most inconvenient times, isn’t it?

  4. Hi, thanks for popping over to my blog. My partner worked for Wrigleys before I met him. I always fancy a chewing gum but as soon as I’ve chewed off the outer case, I get bored with it. I wrap my gum in paper, if I can find any, or failing that, I hold it in my mouth until I see a bin. Never swallow, No, No, No. I listened to the Old Wives Tales. Ha. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I find gum loses flavor too quickly. It’s better when you chew 2 at a time. Always spit!

      1. Ha, that’s what I should do then. 2 at a time. Sorted. Thanks. 🙂

  5. How clever! Never knew Wrigley’s gum had a gang of food! They sound very clingy 🙂

    1. Yeah, a sad-looking pink donut, a scary-looking coffee cup, a faceless pizza, a half-peeled banana, and a few other evil critters.

      1. Well I am impressed with all the info you have on the once again odd topic!

        1. I guess I watch commercials more than the average cat. I’m surprised at how few people seem to know about them.

          1. Well I do remember this cuz I am of old age!

    1. My whiskers do most of the work. 🙂

  6. Do you remember making those gum wrapper chains?? It was pretty fun and mindless…

    1. Some of the best things are exactly that…fun and mindless… 🙂

  7. I know exactly the commercials you mention lol, very creative poem 🙂

    1. Love those commercials. Cute little stinkers. 🙂

      1. Hahaha! Good poem 🙂

  8. Have you ever considered writing children stories? The rhythm, images, and structure of your poems would be perfect for children (as well as adults of course). Just saying 🙂 You have a great talent!

    1. Thank you very kindly. For now, I just write what I write and hope that there is an audience for whatever comes out. 😉

  9. This is the type of poem that makes a person think. It also made me smile. Thanks

  10. I also agree with what Nilly suggests, children would respond well to your writing. My granddaughter adores Room on the Broom. It, like your poems, has an internal rhyme; which makes it such pleasure to read aloud.

    1. I have no idea what children’s poetry is like these days, but I will check out that section next time I’m at a bookstore. 🙂

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