Dear Reader (Ghazal)

As words connect from screen to eye, I thank you.
For every message and reply, I thank you.

Though simple, words are rooted in deep feeling,
Inadequate sometimes, I sigh, I thank you.

No matter what I seem to write, you don’t mind.
For teddy raps but no goodbye, I thank you.

My days are sometimes very dark and weary,
For light you bring to shadowed sky, I thank you.

You give me joy, no longer now a hermit,
For laughter as my tears run dry, I thank you.

You don’t know what you mean to me, but I do,
And that is why my heart will cry, I thank you.

46 thoughts on “Dear Reader (Ghazal)

  1. Big hugs sent your way for this! Thank you for all the reading pleasure you bring!! You are a blessing. Skye

    1. My readers are blessings to me for which I am grateful for every day. 🙂

  2. You are amazing! So is this poem!

    1. My readers are amazing for reading the words I offer and interpreting them in such beautiful and wonderful ways. 🙂

  3. inbetweenthemadness September 14, 2013 — 5:27 am

    I thank you, for giving us great poems with a brilliant mix of laughs, sadness, darkness, epic serialised stories, always positive feedback, endless support and for being an all round one of lives good people/cats.
    Another great write from you.

    1. No, no, this is a thank you poem for YOU, for giving me so much joy, happiness, and laughter with your encouraging and sometimes hilarious comments. On a side note, I have 9 lives as a cat and only 1 as a human. I figure my chances of survival are much greater if I choose to be a cat.

      1. inbetweenthemadness September 14, 2013 — 6:25 pm

        well you should read it to yourself for exactly those reasons!
        And i dont think i would want 9 lives…one is hard enough sometimes haha

        You are a massively talented writer so take the damn compliment!! haha

  4. Awwww this is so sweet =) Thank you for submitting this beautiful poem and thank you for making me smile and for sharing your talent and encouragements

    1. Thank you for the inspiration that you give so many others and the incredibly beautiful words I continually encounter on your blog. 🙂

  5. Thank YOU! You have obviously mastered this form, and I appreciate your verse no matter which form you choose. Maybe I’ll one day attempt another ghazal, but I’m always afraid I’ll run out of the rhyming words that makes sense in the verse, or not be able to get the proper number of syllables without using bad syntax. You do it so well without those complications!

    1. This fear of which you speak when you have already proven what a phenomenal job you can do with the form is completely unfounded. Thank you so much for all your words of support and encouragement, and the absolutely delightful poetic responses. Your words are priceless to me. 🙂

  6. This is a great poem! Well done.

  7. ok.. ok.. you are welcome ! Hehehe

    1. Ah, someone who knows how to receive a thank you properly! 🙂

  8. So very, very sweet:) XO and purrrs to you. Love your work.

    1. And I love yours also. Many purrs back at you. 🙂

  9. Ah my CubbyKitty,
    It’s I who daily thank you,
    for your lovely poems
    and your welcome comments
    I thank you,
    in my darkest mornings
    when sunlight brings no joy
    it’s I who thank you
    for all the chocolate and beaver tails
    not to speak of flags and PMs
    it’s I who thank you.

    1. It sounds like you want to start a thank you war…if only all wars could be so full of warmth and gratitude. Thank you Georgia for always bringing a smile to my face with your words. 🙂

      1. Hmm…war would never be a word I’d choose! Let’s just say, that I love to hear from you and you always brighten my day. In cyberspace we can’t know how other people are really feeling, as far as that goes in realworld we don’t either, sometimes people are very good at hiding their true state of mind, so, you can’t know how important your beaver tails can be, unless you’re told. I think (and hope) that maybe we have a mutual good feeling together. I always look for your comments with delight. 😉

        1. Ah, yes, it is a pity that that word so readily pops into my head. Wishful thinking on my part to see it in a nonviolent context. I think people are more honest about their feelings and thoughts in cyberspace than they are in person.

          1. I think you’re probably correct that people are more sincere, for better and for worse, because they are “hidden”. I’m afraid that war though will never be associated with nonviolence even though the Americans seem to spend a lot of time making us think otherwise. I prefer to keep it as is, though, I’m sorry that I can’t content you 😦 . It’s so wound up in what we are as a species that we shouldn’t try to prettify it, that’s just my opinion though.

  10. Beautiful Gazhal Cubby, love and hugs.

    1. My heartfelt thanks to you, my precious reader. 🙂

  11. speaking truth from the heart of all who write

    1. Yes, I believe writers all feel very grateful towards their readers. 🙂

  12. Oh, cubby, thank you for writing. Every one of your poems are truly amazing. Thank you.

    1. It is you who make them amazing through your interpretation of my words. Thank you for such beautiful interpretations. 🙂

  13. And thank YOU, Cubby, for your lovely poems!

    1. A thank you replied with a thank you could result in a never-ending cycle of thank yous. So thank YOU! 🙂

  14. First of all :::::::::::::Big Cyber Hug::::::::::::: Your poems have brought a lot of joy, humour and more to me and my family. THANK YOU!

    1. Aw, your cyber hug is so warm and loving. I know you have a full house, but if you ever find a tortoiseshell cat on your doorstep that goes “reowr” instead of “meow”, please let her in and she will give you delightful kitty massages. 🙂

  15. Cubby, I love your poetry — it is humble and brilliant! So, thank YOU!

    1. It means so much to me that you enjoy my writing. Thank you for such encouraging and generous words. 🙂

  16. You’re welcome. From the bottom of my heart. And thank you for the pleasure you bring. x

    1. Thank you for receiving my thank you so graciously. I will in turn receive yours. You’re welcome. 🙂 It is such a great joy for me to bring any pleasure into someone else’s day. 🙂

  17. Brilliant as always

    1. Thanks Barb. Always appreciated. 🙂

  18. No, no, thank YOU for sharing your lovely poems with us! 🙂

      1. We could keep this up for a while…

  19. Cubby, I can’t think of a better Win-Win. You receive joy from writing and having people read and acknowledge them and we are enriched with every one you publish. Thank You!

    1. I definitely think it is a win-win situation. 🙂

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