When the World Ends

When the world ends
When the mountains choke on denial
When the oceans drown in ignorance
When the forests blaze with injustice
When the earth becomes a graveyard of folly

When the world ends
And hope is buried with greed –
The poisoned rain will still fall
The tainted winds will still blow
The tragic sun will still rise

When the world ends
It will be too late for regret
It will be too late for sorrow

But until the world ends
Let us rise above our greed
Let us rise above our folly
Let us rise in solidarity

Until the world ends
Let us not feign ignorance
When there is hope
And let us not bury hope
When there is life

2019 © Sonya Annita Song

13 thoughts on “When the World Ends

  1. Good piece. Nice to see your work again!

  2. Yes. Good to see you back again ! 😊

  3. Beautiful! Welcome back! 🙂

  4. Oh, I missed your poetry! This is magnificent.

  5. Welcome back 👏 👏 🙌🙌👌😇😇😍😍🎊 🎊

  6. That sounds like a good New Year’s resolution.

  7. Cubs lives! It’s a New Year miracle.

  8. Gotta take care of our planet… now… if we want it forever.

  9. gee, I thought I was the only one that stopped getting your posts. but now I see that you hadn’t been posting.So glad to see you’re writing again, even if it’s born from watching our world deteriorate.It’s hard to not become discouraged, but I am with you on not succumbing to the end until it’s here.

  10. loved the way you ended it –

  11. Welcome back Sonya. Really missed you and your lovely works. 🙂

  12. This sounds like a rap song.

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