Figures of Speech Answers

Figures of Speech

The long- awaited answers:
1) Spilt the beans
2) Kicked the bucket
3) Hit the nail on the head
4) Keeping all the eggs in one basket
5) Ace up the sleeve
6) Cherry on the top
7) Piece of cake
8) Walking on egg shells
9) Cat got your tongue
10) Born with a silver spoon
11) Time Flies
12) Swing a cat by the tail
13) Wear your heart on your sleeve
14) Red herring
15) Playing your cards close to your chest
16) Getting cold feet
17) Rags to riches
18) Pull up your socks
19) Head over heals
20) Tied up in knots
21) A shadow of oneself
22) More holes than Swiss cheese
23) Served on a silver platter
24) A sitting duck
25) In a nutshell
26) Earworm
27) Joker in the pack

23 thoughts on “Figures of Speech Answers

      1. Just as you said. :)💜

  1. I’ll repeat myself DOH 😏

      1. Two DOH!’s are plenty LOL 😋

        1. Do two DOH!’s make a right?

          1. Oh Ya!! Yup! For sure! 😋

            1. 🤔😃🤣💖

              1. 😊 Cause Jack said so!!!

  2. Looking at the picture before reading my first thought was he was having a bad day funny how the mind works

  3. DAMN 😀 I should have got so many of those, lol :’D

  4. Did anyone else notice his shadow tho? :’D

  5. Wow I was no where close –

  6. Haha, now they pop out at you 😂

  7. Love these figures of speech. Nice cartoon too.

  8. Just this afternoon a friend send me this picture to figure out the figures of speech.. I barely managed to count 15.. she sent me her list of not just 27 but 42!

    1. 1.Hitting the nail on the head
      2.Born with a silver spoon in the mouth
      3.A hard nut to crack
      4.Putting all the eggs in one basket
      5.Wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve
      6.Ace up one’s sleeve
      7.Joker in the pack
      8.Playing the cards close to one’s chest
      9.The cherry on the cake
      10.Kicked the bucket
      11.In a nutshell
      12.A nutcase
      13.Spilling the beans
      14.Best foot forward
      15.Dead as a door nail
      16.Can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg
      16.Red herring
      17.An ace up your sleeve
      18.Tied up in knots
      20.Cold feet
      21.Coming home to roost
      22.Bird brained
      23.Feathered friend
      24.Flea in his ear
      25.Piece of cake
      26.In tatters
      27.End of one’s tether
      28.Crow about something
      29.Hold a cat by the tail
      30.Stepping on toes
      31.Bald coot
      33.Time flies
      34.Cat got your tongue?
      35.Thinks he is the cat’s whiskers
      36.Be a patch on
      37.Worm your way out
      38.Pull your socks up
      39.I am the cheese
      40.Down at heel
      41.Trodden underfoot
      42.Overshadowing someone.

  9. What fun! I like the list offered by Mabelfrancis.

  10. I’ve never heard some of those. Where’s the sitting duck?

  11. Interesting

  12. Great post

  13. Sonya, I am so glad to have come here today. I have been wondering where you were after along silence of no knowing what was happening to you. I’m glad I followed on here to day since it’s apparent you changed your blog. Hope you are doing well. 🙂

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